About us

Macnil is an informatics, electronics and telecommunication company. It is specialized in projecting integrated wireless/web system and telecontrol through GSM/GPRS/GPS infrastructure.
Macnil creates wireless/web solutions for managing informatics system, business software, and GSM/GPRS/GPS telecontrol software.
Macnil builds wireless/web solutions accessible via internet through web browser, cellular phones, smartphone, and industrial PDA. Furthermore, Macnil develops client applications on mobile phones for business world as well as consumer needs, using innovative technologies (E.g. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and RFID).



Our history began when an IT man met an Electronic TLC Engineering woman.
Both of them were fixed on capitalizing their experience, their know-how for realizing several IT products, through the application of known technologies for satisfy common needs.
Hence, the Macnil team is born for creating a technological district in Southern Italy through the cooperation of business sectors specialized firms, sharing the common mission of offering IT excellent products and services through a well-defined sales network of resellers and distributors.