Commercial Faq

  1. Installing REMOTE ANGEL FLEET can I have an insurance discount?
    The REMOTE ANGEL FLEET device is ideated for the fleet management thanks to the black box service and has nothing to do with insurance. Why you decide to install REMOTE ANGEL is to SAVE and EARN. 
  2. How do I install?
    The device is quick and easy to be installed ( 7 minutes ). We recommend for this to consult your car electrician that will call our Installation Center to perform testing on the installed device. 
  3. How is calculated the fuel consumption?
    This service provides for the calculation of fuel consumption in liters thanks to a patented algorithm that considers certain parameters: the average consumption of the medium; the speed and kilometres travelled, with 98% accuracy. 
  4. How long remain the data in the archive?
    The black box service is an online data storage for 1 year from the date of installation. After the data is available upon request. 
  5. But REMOTE ANGEL FLEET is also a GPS anti-theft device? I receive an alert in case of theft?
    The REMOTE ANGEL device with black box lets you retrieve the stolen vehicle in real time thanks to the tracking function. Anyway, the device can be equipped with our LOW COST satellite anti-theft system that notifies directly of the theft, via a simple TEXT MESSAGE that indicates in addition to ALARM even the exact address where the stolen vehicle is. 
  6. In case of bad functioning, how does it work?
    The REMOTE ANGEL device is under warranty for the duration of the contract. In case of device bad functioning, through the technical assistance service is provided by remote maintenance or replacement if necessary. 
  7. Can I transfer the device from one vehicle to onother?
    Certainly in just 7 minutes your car electrician will be able to transfer the device, communicating it to our Installation Center. 
  8. How do I deal with privacy rules?
    The issue of privacy is widely exceeded: thanks to REMOTE ANGEL are protected by security vehicles, staff, and improves also the business efficiency.