Construction Industry

Products to manage at its best your construction site.

The Construction companies that want to improve cost-efficiency, productivity and reduce downtime, have at least three good reasons for choosing Remote Angel Fleet.

Improve the Organization of work and save time

To monitor constantly the vehicle movements– the real-time or  performed ones –  (checking all the journery and the running speed ) and respond promptly to requests for remote intervention, Remote Angel Fleet, thanks to GPS/GSM/GPRS technology, allows you to control and manage the moving Fleet.  through a computer, an industrial PDA or a mobile phone.

Save on managing costs and fuel consumption

Security for companies of such a field represents, above all, a liability that considerably weights on  corporate budget, when  using corporate fleets. That reason it is because  of increasing company cost determined by individual behavior of the driver, but also by independent variables as extreme  volatility of fuel prices that worries corporate and fleet managers.

Constant Fleet monitoring and vehicle technical parameters

Thanks to Remote Angel Fleet you can communicate with the vehicle, tracking it and and displaying in real-time on cartographic maps. A “Road Angel” multifunctional that also allows the control of vehicle parameters (temperature, tire pressure, fuel consumption), of the scheduled routes, stops and parking lots, and the monitoring of fuel consumption, representing approximately 20% of the total cost of the corporate fleet..

Finally with the “Alarmfunction, an sms automatically alerts the fleet manager if the vehicle exceeds a prefixed speed threshold or escape from a preset territorial area for the safety of employees and the quality of the service itself.