Horeca and Gdo services

Punctuality in delivery and optimization of routes and consumption

With Remote Angel Fleet choose a reliable partner for the safety of vehicles and loads, increased efficiency in the execution of logistical activities, cutting costs of fleet management and optimize the travelling times.

The increasingly growing demand for punctuality and precision in delivery, as well as the need of tracing  the good base  location, once you have passed the corporate perimeter, affect not only the single shipment but the entire enterprise fleet management.

Remote Angel Fleet is ideal for transportation and delivery activities because:

  1. allows you to constantly monitor via a pc or a mobile phone, vehicle navigation making all paths and the running speed.
  2. responds promptly to requests for intervention to foil attempts of theft and robbery.
  3. With the Black box Service, the device allows the assignment of loading and unloading points, control of vehicle parameters (temperature, pressure, tires), scheduled routes, stops and parking lots.
  4. allows you to control the temperature of the fridge compartment and the traceability of food products
  5. control of fuel consumption, representing approximately 20% of the total expenditure of the corporate fleet.

Low cost security

With the “Alarm function”, an sms automatically alerts the fleet manager if the vehicle exceeds a preset speed threshold or escape from a preset territorial area.