Your Motorbike is in good wings

A GPSguardian angel” for all budgets: with a simple SMS notifies directly the motorcyclist attempting theft.

An SMS against theft of motorcycles: Remote Angel Vehicle is the first low cost GPS anti-theft Telematics Device.

The device, thanks to the GPS/GSM/GPRS technology, real-time alerts, sending an SMS, the owner of the bike theft attempt in place, eliminating definitely the costly steps to from the operations center.

The product is designed to meet the needs – and pockets – of bikers of every category and age group, and thwart the “theft” risk.

Remote Angel Vehicle is a low cost device totally self-managed which, unlike common GPS anti-theft device , does not require Operational Center Service, but communicates directly with the owner of the motorcycle. This makes it possible to reduce the device managing costs. Thanks to the device installation, you can also save on the cost of insurance with discounts from 30% to 80% on theft and fire insurance.

Not only: the GPS anti-theft Remote Angel Vehicle is also equipped with advanced features, such as Where are you”, whereby the owner of the bike can contact the device via SMS to receive precise information on his location (city, address, number and fix) and speed of gait.

Remote Angel Vehicle is easy to be installed ( 7 minutes ). Moreover the device, has the advantage that it can be easily transferred to other means of transport – second bike, car, boat etc.