Rent car service

The safety of your car in a click

With Remote Angel Fleet is safe; it informs you the maintenance and you can control them remotely from anywhere.

Would you like to make safe your fleet? Remote Angel Fleet is the device which lets you follow the travel routes verifying all routes, the running speed, and respond promptly to requests for intervention or thwart attempts of theft and robbery.

Thanks to the GPS/GSM/GPRS technology, allows you to control and manage your fleet vehicles in motion through a computer, a PDA or a mobile phone, where the vehicles are displayed on maps satellite map, even in 3D.

Also with the Black Box Service, the device allows control of vehicle parameters (temperature, pressure, tires), letting you know via SMS maintenance needed in the middle of all its stop and parking spaces, and control of fuel consumption.

Finally you can monitor the driving style and the journeries of the vehicle, for improving uneconomic practices, avoiding fines and prevent phenomena of fuel theft at the pump.