The coaches

Select safer roads and save time and fuel

With Remote Angel Fleet coaches are driven remotely, by choosing the right routes and alternative routes to avoid queues and road construction, and monitor driving behaviors.

In order not to lose sight of each bus in the fleet, Remote Angel Fleet is the device that allows you to watch every meter path with the tracking” function, making all paths, the running speed, and respond promptly to requests for intervention or thwart attempts of theft and robbery..

Thanks to the GPS/GSM/GPRS technology, you can control and manage your coach in motion through a computer, a PDA or a mobile phone, where the vehicles are displayed on satellite map, even in 3D.

The great advantage that the system offers is to know in real time if there are any delays or road works on the preset path, choosing alternative routes.

Also with the Black box service, the device allows the assignment of loading and unloading points, control of vehicle parameters (temperature, pressure, tires), scheduled routes, stops and parking lots, and the monitoring of fuel consumption, representing approximately 20% of total expenditure for each corporate fleet.

Finally you can monitor the driving behaviour and the  journeries of the vehicle, for correct uneconomic practices, avoid fines and prevent phenomena of fuel theft at the pump.