Technical Faq

  1. Installing REMOTE ANGEL FLEET can I have an insurance discount?
    The REMOTE ANGEL FLEET device is created for the Fleet management service thanks to black box Service and has nothing to do with insurance.

  2. Using REMOTE ANGEL SOS, I can’t send the SOS alarm.
    Check if the device:
    - has full battery or if it’s on;
    - has SIM CARD with unblocked PIN
    - is with credit – has a still active SIM CARD inside

  3. Using REMOTE ANGEL VEHICLE do not receive response to the request Where are you sent via SMS.
    Verify that the mobile number entered as contact is correct; make sure that the Where are you request is made from the cell phone number of the contact person; Verify that the message of the Where are you request has been successfully compiled (where_ plaque_ password); check the credit for the Where are you Service.

  4. How do I set the discence alarm?
    You must contact the customer care centre to set the exact benchmark.

  5. How do I set the movement alarm?
    Directly in the platform, from the menu, in the “alarm Setup” select the vehicle, the days and daily time slots in which the vehicle can move. If the vehicle moves outside of these times, the Movement Alarm is sent to the contact person.

  6. The vehicle has a number of travel hours with negative or too large.
    Travel hours displayed on the page “Stops” are to be considered as valid only if there is no minus sign. The latter appears only in case of stop in progress. Try changing the reference timeframe or wait until the stop is closed.

  7. I need to know the media closer to a Point of interest.
    Directly into the Platform, Vehicle Position, chek your Fleet, in point of interest Information enter City, Address, Ray Miles (50 is the default), LOCATE, SEARCH. Opens a pop up with a table indicating the vehicles closer to the point of interest.

  8. Can I have access to the REMOTE ANGEL Platform through a smartphone?
    Yes, just allow the pop-ups on your browser and check if there is a flag on Javascript. Log in with your username and password using the following link:

  9. POP – UP UNBLOCK (on the base of the browser used to have access on Internet)
    - INTERNET EXPLORER: Tools- Unblock pop up -> > Unable the pop up block (logout and login again)
    - FIREFOX: Tools -> Options -> Contents -> Unable the pop up block (logout and login again)
    - GOOGLE CHROME: bottom of address bar is a small box with a red X, select and click “always allow”
    - SAFARI: settings-uncheck block pop-up Windows
    - ON-the-PAD: settings-Safari-> > POP – UP-from 1 to 0